NN Archives – December 2020 – 2007

NN Archives – December 2020 – 2007

December always seems to be a month of great hometown gigs. Peter Murphy, slowthai, Sarpa Salpa and Rolling Thunder are just a few of the names featured in this month’s NN Archives over on New Boots.

As explained in a previous blog post, this is a month by month look back at some of the acts who have played in Northamptonshire over the years. I’m working with this with New Boots which his hosting the bulk of the photos.

It’s being done month by month to give a more immediate dive into the county’s music past over the last decade or so and to run nicely as a monthly feature.

The link below will take you over to New Boots where you’ll find the latest galleries.

Some of these gigs will feature on the main blog page of this website, www.davidtjackson.com/blog, the majority will be new images from my archives.

You can find all of the previous links to the series here: NN Archives.

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