Ceremony #1, Esquires, Bedford

Ceremony #1, Esquires, Bedford

Esquires in Bedford hosted the inaugural Ceremony #1 Festival on Sunday.

Below is a set of photos featuring all of the acts who played the Main Stage and The Pad Stage, with a couple from the Blender Stage thrown in as well.

The Main Stage was headlined by Billy Nomates with sets by Pins, Crows, Talk Show, English Teacher and Regressive Left.

The Pad Stage was headlined by John with sets by Feet, Bleach Lab, Lynks, Grandmas House, Enjoyable Listens and Phantom Isle.

Far too many highlights and great music to mention everything, but special mentions for Lynks, Crows and Billy Nomates. Also, great food and a great Cloakroom sign!

You can find more photos from gigs at Esquires on this website via this link. For more information about all things Esquires, visit https://www.bedfordesquires.co.uk

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